AWS to Alibaba Cloud Migration – Complete Guide by YVOLV

Are you thinking about moving your data from AWS to Alibaba Cloud effortlessly? Learn more in this article.

Cloud migration involves transferring applications, virtual machines (VMs), and databases from one cloud, whether public, private, or on-premise, to another. However, this process can sometimes be complex. For instance, AWS services may lead to higher costs. In such cases, migrating to Alibaba Cloud is a recommended solution.

Steps to Migrate from AWS to Alibaba:

Migrating your data, applications, and virtual machines from AWS to Alibaba has never been simpler, thanks to CloudBrain’s migration feature. This tool streamlines the migration process, saving users time and effort with its easy and adaptable steps. It starts with evaluating your business’s immediate and future needs. For example, if you have virtual machines running on AWS and want to estimate costs on Alibaba, CloudBrain’s tool performs a quick infrastructure analysis in just 2 minutes, providing insights into potential savings.

CloudBrain’s migration feature, part of the Migration Studio suite, offers a seamless experience with minimal clicks and near-zero downtime. This Software as a Service (SAAS) solution serves as a one-stop-shop for all migration needs, ensuring a cost-effective and reliable toolkit. The Migration Studio also includes technical and feasibility evaluations, along with cloud recommendations through extensive comparison reports. This comprehensive offering simplifies the migration journey for organizations across different verticals.

Benefits of Migrating from AWS to Alibaba Cloud:

  • Enjoy well-known advantages like scalability, reliability, lower costs, enhanced analytics, and improved disaster recovery.
  • Seamlessly migrate workloads between physical, virtual, and cloud platforms with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Experience reduced operational costs through efficient processes.
  • Utilize an easy-to-navigate console for a user-friendly experience.
  • Achieve scalable continuous replication with minimal impact on performance or bandwidth.
  • Benefit from the flexibility to choose any hypervisor, cloud vendor, or hardware, avoiding vendor lock-in.


With Click2Cloud’s CloudBrain analytics, precision in migration ensures clients swiftly reach their optimal cloud environment, eliminating the need for costly trial-and-error approaches. This strategic migration, particularly from AWS to Alibaba Cloud, facilitated by YVOLV, our technology partner, can lead to over 62% savings in total cost of ownership. At YVOLV, we stand at the forefront of technology, providing cutting-edge solutions in Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation. Partner with us to experience the prowess of advanced technology and unlock a new realm of possibilities.

Syed Zayn
Author: Syed Zayn

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