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YVOLV provides end-to-end Microsoft SharePoint Services to companies with unique business requirements. We, at YVOLV use Microsoft SharePoint Platform to extend a wide range of offerings from Consulting, Development, Migration.


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SharePoint Consulting & Customization


We engage SharePoint as a collaboration engine that streamlines your teams, encourages cross-departmental communication, inspires employees’ independent inputs, enhances their engagement - which eventually contributes to your company’s bottom line.


We help you integrate your enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, EHR and ECM seamlessly into your business functioning.


Workflows can streamline the cost and time needed to coordinate common business processes, such as project approval or document review, by managing and tracking the human tasks involved in these processes. We can design and develop customized workflows that are unique to the business processes in your enterprise.


We will transform your ideas and raw data to real knowledge management in order to leverage and expand on the assets and facilitate decision-making.


We will customise SharePoint tools to help your teams innovate and generate ideas, and allow you to manage research flow, screen and nurture selected ideas. In short, SharePoint provides an entire innovation mechanism that aligns with your business strategy.


Content must be managed so that it can meet business goals. Our strategy comprises dynamic combination of tools and ideas to identify, manage, save and deliver information, and support key organizational processes through its entire lifecycle. It ensures systematic customisation of content to target audience - business executives, customers, etc.

SharePoint Development


Our SharePoint architects help you with a stable architecture from scratch (are experienced in building a architecture from scratch (installing databases, creating server farms) we improve your legacy architecture to respond according to your company's operational changes.


However, complicated it may be, we customise features based on our vision - workflows, timer jobs and event receivers, Custom field types, Custom site/subsite templates, SharePoint-based apps and solutions.


We integrate your SharePoint solution with other enterprise solutions (such as ERP, CRM, HR system, Exchange Server, accounting system, etc) ensuring continuity of your business processes. Also, we develop customised integration modules that can interact with any third-party interfaces via APIs.


After the project is completed, we continue assisting you to solve SharePoint-related technical issues, expand your solution’s functionality, install SharePoint updates and ensure SharePoint backups.


Key objective of intranet is to simplify internal communications within a company substantially and offer a database which every employee can access, with different permissions for different employees. We analyse the complexity of your enterprise needs and build a model that will be beneficial to your business and employees.


We understand that migration is much more than mere transfer of content and features to SharePoint. This is, in fact, a new opportunity to improve business processes, employee productivity and overall company performance. So, we assess your existing environment, explore Sharepoint's architecture, audit SharePoint farms and only then, define the migration model.

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