Turning Organization Sharper and Smarter, we aid them redefine themselves to create high levels of economic value.


Gathering expertise in different industries, as an official Partner of Alibaba Cloud, YVOLV provides Alibaba Cloud consulting and solutions in the UAE to comprehend your business needs and build custom solutions that transcend the limitations of the conventional technology landscape. They modernize your IT architecture to allow a smooth workflow by leveraging advanced Cloud consulting services in the UAE in cost-effective ways.


Comprehending that Cloud technology is the biggest enabler, we assist businesses define their future ventures. We continuously endeavor in analyzing and integrating the recent technologies to enhance the cloud processes.


We let businesses unlock values with right technologies by collaborating in:

  • Deriving Unique Strategy
  • Designing Seamless User Experience
  • Developing Solutions
  • Drawing Powerful Insights

And allow businesses to:

  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Drive Business Value
  • Produce Returns and achieve Financial Goals
  • Stay ahead of competition.


We provide you collection of well-researched insights on latest happenings in the Cloud tech-sphere across the MENA region and other parts of the world.

MENA Cloud Adoption: Opportunities & Challenges

According to a report by IMB & Reuters, the UAE cloud service market is projected to cross Dh1 billion by 2020 with increased adoption by financial services, hospitality, media, and entertainment, oil, and gas and retail sectors. But are there challenged?

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Opportunities and Challenges in Cloud Adoption in MENA

One of the major challenges are facing the MENA region is the lack of infrastructure and technical expertise necessary to support cloud adoption. Many organizations in the region still rely on legacy systems.

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