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Hosted Exchange as a Service

YVOLV Exchange 2016 online is delivered as a fully managed solution which offers a business-class email messaging and collaboration service designed to help your business communicate securely, efficiently and effectively.


Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 is a next-generation Linux distribution released by Alibaba Cloud. It includes advanced features developed by the Linux community, and provides a stable and reliable environment for applications running on the cloud. Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 is deeply optimized based on the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to provide the best experience for users. You can install Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 on all types of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, including ECS Bare Metal Instances.

Outlook UI is updated and optimized for cross-platform operations and supports:

The updated version is smarter, faster and more reliable with redesigned search architecture which is both asynchronous and decentralized.



Experiences are customized for both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, devices running Android version 4.2 or later, can have premium Android experience while using Chrome.


The new architecture uses SHA-2 compliant S/MIME in Outlook on the web updated from S/MIME control. 17 new languages are added to the existing list for Outlook on the web. Significant email improvements can be observed including optimized reading pane, undo mailbox actions (whether it is deleting a message by accident or moving a message), emojis and enhanced archiving. The users can even link their contacts from LinkedIn accounts.


The improved search architecture assists users to find the data faster. The search recommendations suggest the users’ what they are looking for and give most accurate results. In addition to this, search refiners are added more easily using contextual filters. These filters include multiple categories such date ranges, related senders, and others.


A variety of themes with graphic designs are added. Individual mail inboxes are revamped. The look and features of the calendar are updated - including email reminders for Calendar events, ability to propose a new time in meeting invitations as well as birthday calendars.


The new Exchange 2016 comes with pins and flags. The users can pin their important emails at the top of inbox and mark flags in order to follow-up. The pins can be created in every folder and organized efficiently. It helps the users manage quickly including inbox filters.


Different areas of Outlook on the web, from creating events to composing emails are overhauled. The major improvements can be seen in pop outs, downloading new messages, changing folders and search properties. The updated version of Outlook on the web enables users to compose new, reply all, delete, archive and undo emails in seconds.


The link preview option permits users to paste links into message and Outlook can create a rich preview to give a peek into the contents of the message. Video links work as well. An inline preview of a video is displayed after pasting video link.

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