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YVOLV provides top-notch Managed Services, specializing in Managed IT Services providers. As a leading Managed Services Provider in UAE, we deliver comprehensive managed cloud services to ensure optimal efficiency. Our automated models enable us to maintain a holistic view of cloud health, ensuring cloud availability and allowing us to identify any potential risks.

Service Overview

YVOLV delivers a range of flexible managed service options to suit individual requirements and circumstances. As a top Managed IT Services providers, our services are tailored according to specific platform technologies. We provide a highly responsive business support model designed to supplement the capability and capacity of the organization, whether they have an in-house IT team or not. Trust YVOLV to deliver top-notch managed services, ensuring your IT infrastructure operates smoothly and efficiently.



Providing comprehensive analysis of the cloud deployments, YVOLV Cloud Monitoring drives on important components like CPU utilization, latency and other metrics which are definite to business needs. It removes security threats, network discrepancies and system failure. It alerts the users when threat is identified with the help of Social Networking Service (SNS), Social Messaging Service (SMS) and Instant Messenger/Email features.

With this service, users can automate their cloud monitoring and performance testing of deployments. It screens closely all the cloud resources (Elastic Compute Service, Relational Database Service, Server Load Balancer, Block Storage volumes and tweak deployments) in real time and optimize the tasks.


YVOLV Availability Monitoring service is responsible for detecting responsiveness of local ports and send alerts when the response changes it behavior or when an error occurs. While YVOLV’s Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure is built on high redundancy, availability monitoring identifies the service availability on the platform.

It provides deep visibility into critical performance parameters of our resources and proactive insight into all infrastructure areas.


YVOLV Database Management include comprehensive database administrative services for Alibaba Cloud. Our team of database professionals establish flexible and scalable database environments to meet specific business needs.

The service undertakes designing the plan, implementation, administration, support, maintenance and recovery during critical operations. It ensures monthly reporting of performance, performance management, real-time monitoring, security, backup and recovery management to promote accountability, efficiency and security.

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