YVOLV at GITEX Technology Week 2018 in Dubai


YVOLV, powered by Alibaba Cloud, made a remarkable impact at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai during mid-October 2018. As one of the most prominent exhibitions for technology leaders worldwide, GITEX provided an ideal platform for YVOLV to showcase their expertise in Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation solutions. This blog highlights YVOLV’s significant presence at the event and their commitment to empowering businesses with innovative cloud solutions.

GITEX Technology Week:

GITEX Technology Week is an internationally renowned exhibition held in Dubai, attracting technology leaders from around the globe. This five-day event serves as a hub for showcasing the latest smart devices, cutting-edge technologies, and groundbreaking innovations. For YVOLV, this was an invaluable opportunity to share their expertise and demonstrate their transformative solutions to a global audience.

Pioneering Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation with YVOLV

YVOLV established themselves as pioneers in Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation solutions, particularly in the Middle East region. Powered by Alibaba Cloud, YVOLV integrated cognitive capabilities to provide attendees with a glimpse into the unlimited potential of Cloud. Their participation at GITEX further emphasized their commitment to enabling businesses to leverage the power of Cloud and drive seamless growth.

Showcasing the Boundless Possibilities of Cloud Computing

YVOLV captivated visitors at GITEX with their presentations that focused on the growing data-centric approach of businesses worldwide. They showcased Cloud Computing as the foundation for seamless growth in every sector. Through practical use cases, YVOLV demonstrated the availability, scalability, and elasticity of Cloud, empowering businesses to unlock new opportunities and overcome challenges in the digital era.

Enabling Digital Transformation in the Middle East

With a strong focus on Digital Transformation, YVOLV highlighted how their solutions were specifically tailored to address the unique needs of businesses in the Middle East. By leveraging Cloud Computing and cognitive capabilities, YVOLV provided attendees with insights into how they could achieve enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer experiences, and accelerated growth in the digital landscape.


YVOLV’s impactful presence at GITEX Technology Week 2018 showcased their leadership in Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation solutions. As representatives of Alibaba Cloud, they presented attendees with the endless possibilities of Cloud and its vital role in driving business growth. YVOLV’s participation at GITEX exemplified their dedication to empowering businesses in the Middle East with innovative solutions and guiding them through successful digital transformations. With YVOLV’s expertise and commitment to excellence, organizations can confidently embark on their digital journey and achieve unparalleled success in the dynamic world of technology.

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